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All About Us

First Encounter

Like most of the people around,  one of the first thing after moving to a new house with a balcony is getting a pot of plant, seemingly that's where it rightfully belong as to sitting on an old rustic plant rack in some nursery. For us, it is a small pot of bubble plant purchased for $2 at a supermarket nearby. Sadly, it's long gone by now due to our inexperience, but a little green chapter started unknowingly and have lasted since.

Self Sustainability

While constantly shopping for good ornamental buys, we started urban farming in the form of hydroponics, which was a rather trendy new thing back then, with system setup costing up to a grand and the forever costly liquid nutrient AB solution. This was when homework was done, DIY-ing hydroponic setups such as DWC, Dutch buckets, NFT with PVC pipes, deep diving into the world of chemistry revisiting what was actually studied during our secondary school days.


Since the breakout of the unfortunate pandemic, plant collection trend hits the peak. We, amongst many others somewhat transit this hobby into a small business venture via certain platform to self sustain this hobby. Gradually as we gain the experiences, the confidences, the expertise knowing what others don't, Ember and Leaf is incorporated.

Operating from a humble laboratory, we research and conduct experiments on growth rate of plants, allowing us to offer specially tailored fertilizer types to you. At times, we do provide locally acclimatized plants for sales when ready.

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